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About Us

A Little Information about Master Tool Repair

Master Tool Repair was started in 1994 by Gill Trotman. We do not claim to be Masters in regards to our industry. The name came from Gill's desire to serve his Master, Jesus Christ and to provide the best possible service that he could. It began as a one man power tool repair center for many different makes of power tools in Chesapeake VA.

In 2004, the Chesapeake VA area had a very long period of rain which kept our customers, primarily home builders, from pouring new footings for new homes, thus our builders were not using their power tools and therefore did not need our repair services. In Gill's newly found spare time, he decided to start an on-line version of his repair shop. He put a few air compressor parts on-line to see if there was any interest in other drier parts of the country. After a few weeks, Gill received a phone call inquiring if he had any of these parts in stock. The call was from Nebraska. At that time, he did not offer the ability to purchase on-line as he was just testing the waters. The rest is history. We now offer over 350,000 parts online for air compressors, power tools, nailers, pressure washers, generators and other types of construction related equipment.

We are still a small family owned business. We have a great staff who are all like family and we all enjoy coming to work each day to help anyone who has a power tool accomplish the repair that they are trying to make. As long as we can provide parts at a reasonable cost, we strive to help others keep their equipment up and running.

Master Tool Repair VA Staff