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Air Compressor Parts 921.153101

921 Craftsman Air Compressor Parts

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921.153101 - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Craftsman
Model: 921.153101

Air Compressor Parts


All parts available for this unit are listed.

921.153101 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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921.153101 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00042Pressure Switch4 Port, 90 Degree, 125 PSI. Essentially the “brain” of the air compressor, the pressure switch senses the pressure in the tank and controls...... [+]E100957$42.49E100957 - Pressure Switch-
00043Strain ReliefE103987E100594$4.30-
00044Pressure Gauge (7110300000)0-200 PSI, 1/4"" MPT BACK MOUNT, 2" Face. A pressure gauge measures air pressure in the air tank and the pressure to the line from the air...... [+]GA016717AVPG0250200LBK$8.98PG0250200LBK - Pressure Gauge (7110300000)-
00045GaugeReplaces E100093. A pressure gauge measures air pressure in the air tank and the pressure to the line from the air regulator. Be sure your gauges...... [+], E100093E103339$12.60E103339 - Gauge-
00046SAFETY VALVE 14 replaced by E102595Safety Valve 165 PSI Replaces E100094. A safety relief valve can save lives! It keeps your tank from bursting should your pressure switch stop...... [+]E100061, E100094E102595$14.86E102595 - SAFETY VALVE 14 replaced by E102595-
00048Quick ConnectE100307$23.77E100307 - Quick Connect-
00049NIPPLE 14 NPTX27MME100595E100595 - NIPPLE 14 NPTX27MMNLA
00050Nipple, BrassE100853$4.67E100853 - Nipple, Brass-
00051Outlet Tube AssemblyMust order with Check Valve E100898. Outlet Tube Assembly DOES NOT include nuts & ferrules The main line that carries compressed air from the...... [+]E100958$12.23E100958 - Outlet Tube Assembly-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00054GRIP HANDLE RUBBERE100097$5.04-
00056DRAIN VALVE SUPERSEDED BY E1000981/4" NPT A simple but essential part, the drain cock (or valve) threads into your tank(s) and allows you to drain the tank(s) of water and...... [+], E100023E100098$6.01E100098 - DRAIN VALVE SUPERSEDED BY E100098-
00057CHECK VALVE, 17 GAL HORZMust order Outlet Tube Assembly part E100958. Does your air compressor fill up the tank and when it tries to restart, it stalls and then...... [+]E100099E100898$12.00E100898 - CHECK VALVE, 17 GAL HORZ-
Isolator KitKIt includes washer, bolt and isolator Keep your equipment from walking by using rubber isolators. Isolator feet will keep the equipment in place...... [+]E100102$4.18E100102 - Isolator Kit-
00062Power Cord6FT LENGTH The power cord provides electricity and power to the air compressor or power tool. Typically a cord will have two or three prongs, and...... [+]E100101$15.15-
00064Plastic Plug, HandleE101193$0.95-

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