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Air Compressor Parts H1820F, H1826F

Husky Portable Air Compressor Parts

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H1820F, H1826F - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Husky
Model: H1820F, H1826F - Compatible replacement parts for original Husky models

Individual Repair Parts


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H1820F, H1826F - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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H1820F, H1826F - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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            We have Husky H1820F, H1826F parts here. Whether you need a pressure switch or a whole new pump, we have your parts. Don't forget the rubber foot and wheels. Husky H1820F, H1826F parts are easy to come by at Master Tool Repair. We have helpful sales team members that can assist you with your repair. We have accessories as well as compressor oil to keep your pump running like a top. We keep the most popular Husky H1820F, H1826F parts in stock and we can order most other parts in a matter of a few days. To make ordering easier, we have created the ability for you to order parts by simply enlarging the schematic and then using your mouse to hover over the actual part. You will see the part pop up and are able to order by simply choosing the quantity of parts that you need and adding them to your cart. Make sure to keep spare parts on hand so that your down time will be minimal. If compression is low it's probably due to a damaged Piston/Compression Ring or damaged Reed Valves in the Pump. Even if you're not using your compressor, drain your tank regularly to prevent rust.

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Reference Item Please Note! Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)BRUSH KIT 2PC FOR H1820FMotor not running? It could be bad brushes. Check your brushes, if too short, order these.$12.30-
(not shown)Pump AssemblyBrand new replacement pump and motor assembly. Make your unit run like new again with a brand new pump and motor!$203.75
9415349 - Pump Assembly-
00102WheelNote: order this item for models H1820F. 7" OD$6.899042022 - Wheel-
00102Wheel 8.5" diameter$24.62-
00103Rubber Foot$2.469038066 - Rubber Foot-
00105Check Valve1/2" NPT for 3/8" Discharge Tube. Replace this if you hear air backfeeding from your tank through your pump or pressure switch.$14.829048075 - Check Valve-
00105aCompression NutThis is the compression nut for the Check Valve.$1.99-
00106Coupler, Quick$13.45-
00107DRAINING VALVEDrain your tank of excess moisture by making sure this part functions.$13.699047062 - DRAINING VALVE-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00108AAir Regulator/Manifold

Regulator/Manifold Assy. If ordering for model H1820F, you must also order 9038369 Control Panel because the knob on the replacement Regulator/Manifol

... [+]
9051170 - Air Regulator/Manifold-
00109Gauge, Pressure$18.96AB-9414744 - Gauge, Pressure-
00110Safety ValveSafety valve, 170 PSI.$10.939049115 - Safety Valve-
00112Elbow Connection 3/8in M$15.30AB-9053159 - Elbow Connection 3/8in M-
00112aCompression NutThis is the compression nut for the Elbow Fitting (to pump head).$1.71-
00114Wheel Pin$5.24-
00114Wheel PinNote: order this item for models H1820F.$1.369011049 - Wheel Pin-
00127Unloader LineSold in 36" length.$8.202236112998 - Unloader Line-
00131Pressure SwitchOn at 125, Off 155, Switch has two 1/4" ports and two 3/8" ports.$49.94
9063203 - Pressure Switch-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00132Cord With Plug$22.99-
00134CableMotor to pressure switch.$7.44-
00145Sending Pipe

Sending pipe only. Tip: Replace both compression nuts and both compression sleeves (ferrules) when replacing this tube. To replace the compression nu

... [+]
9043195 - Sending Pipe-
00145bFerrule, Discharge TubeBrass ferrule for discharge tube. Style1$1.899412337 - Ferrule, Discharge Tube-
00620aNutNote: also for model H1820F, not for H1826F.$1.05-
00620bNutNote: also for model H1826F, not for H1820F.$0.90-
00621aWasher, ToothedNote: also for model H1820F, not for H1826F.$0.56-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00627Control Panel$1.87-
00627CONTROL PANEL H1820FH$6.959038369 - CONTROL PANEL H1820FH-
00628Cover, Gauge, Rubber$2.47-
00629Tie Rod5 3/4" Long 8 mm Head Socket Required$1.479067188 - Tie Rod-
00630Shroud Cover, Left$24.40-
00631Shroud Cover, Right$25.839038347 - Shroud Cover, Right-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00633Screw, Parker$2.36-
00634Spacer$2.409415994 - Spacer-
00635Spacer$3.149415995 - Spacer-
00638Bolt, Handle Insert$1.16-
00639Lock Cable$1.16-
00640Screw, Parker$1.84-
00641NutRequires 8MM nut driver to remove nut.$1.16-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00642Elbow$3.639050372 - Elbow-
00643Washer, Grower$1.16-
00644Screw, Regulator KnobScrew for the Regulator Knob.$1.79-

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