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Air Compressor Parts M40HC4VS, M79HC4VS, M800HC4VS, M800HC4V

Emglo Hand Carry Unit Parts

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M40HC4VS, M79HC4VS, M800HC4VS, M800HC4V - Air Compressor Parts

Found under the following brands: Jenny, Emglo
Model: M40HC4VS, M79HC4VS, M800HC4VS, M800HC4V

Air Compressor Parts



M40HC4VS, M79HC4VS, M800HC4VS, M800HC4V - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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M40HC4VS, M79HC4VS, M800HC4VS, M800HC4V - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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If your unit has the control panel between the tanks, then you have the Master Series and need special parts.

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00002Tank- Must convert to non-panel style. Click here for new style....... [+]$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00004SCREW SELF DRILL HEX HD ST PL 12 X 34$1.07-
00005SWITCH PSI 2HP 100-125 UNLDRLVR PBVL100-125 PSI. If your pressure switch is leaking from the unloader valve, replace the check valve.$57.96140-1074-01 - SWITCH PSI 2HP 100-125 UNLDRLVR PBVL-
00005aRelief Valve, PS2020

This is located on the side of the pressure switch. If your valve is attached to your switch by inserting through a hole on the side bracket, then thi

... [+]
$19.31PS2020RV - Relief Valve, PS2020-
00006aCheck Valve3/8" Comp X 1/2" MPT with 1/8" FPT side port with cold start valve.$30.55CTD3812-P1-SU3 - Check Valve-
00007Elbow3/8" Compression Elbow$9.33121-1035 - Elbow-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00008Supply TubeSupply tube from pump to panel w/ fitting.$20.06-
000091/4" Nylon Tube Kit (18" of Tube)1.5' of black nylon tube complete w/ ferruls, inserts and nuts for line that connects from pump head to pressure switch unloader valve.

This part is available in the following kits:

  • Pressure Switch kit - QR
  • $11.94Nylon Tube Kit 18 - 1/4" Nylon Tube Kit (18" of Tube)-
    00010ELBOW MALE COMPRESSION BR 14TBX181/4" x 1/8" Compression Elbow. For COPPER tubing. If you are using Nylon or Plastic tubing, consider using our T1059....... [+]$8.06121-1032 - ELBOW MALE COMPRESSION BR 14TBX18Factory B/O, no ETA
    00011Safety Valve, 165 PSIIf your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature.$21.69SRV250165 - Safety Valve, 165 PSI-
    00012Regulator Kit

    For M40 or M79 unit. Rebuild kit for the regulator. Comes with all internal parts and knob. Click 'Extra Details' and 'Tech Pubs' tab for an instal

    ... [+]
    Click here for more info
    $25.64OM-AM-RK - Regulator Kit-
    00013Push Type ElbowPush to fit male elbow 3/8" x 3/8".$21.77121-1165 - Push Type Elbow-
    00013aPush Type ElbowFor manifold. 3/8" x 1/4"$19.83-
    00014Power Cord 14/3 SOW 10'Heavy duty power cord SOW rated w/ moulded plug. For Hi amp motors such as portable air compressors, saws, etc. 1/2 " OD$15.29C-7629 - Power Cord 14/3 SOW 10'-
    00016Hand GripKeep a safe grip on your compressor.$4.67-
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
    00017Foot Pad

    Replacement for HC2, HC4V models. Note: foot pad is for models dated July 1991 to present. Foot pads for units prior to 1991 are obsolete, but these

    ... [+]
    00018Drain Valve1/4" drain cock. Prevent rust from ruining your tank by draining your tank daily. Keep an extra around for a spare.$6.42
    DU25-100 - Drain Valve-
    00019Industrial Interchange Coupler 1/4"1/4" Body x 1/4" MPT$11.08AB-9412204 - Industrial Interchange Coupler 1/4"-
    00019aQuick Coupler AdaptorConverts fine threads to regular 1/4" NPT for older style couplers.$6.49121-1172 - Quick Coupler Adaptor-
    00020Pressure GaugeGAUGE, PSI, 200#, PNL MT, M79, OS$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    00022Panel Screw(ea.) Specially made screw to hold on front panel.$4.16-
    00027PANEL CONTROL ELCTRC M79 WOQC14 M79CP-3- Must convert to non-panel style.$102.10-

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