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Air Compressor Parts VLK1582009, 233885

KOBALT Direct Drive Portable Parts

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VLK1582009, 233885 - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Kobalt
Model: VLK1582009, 233885

Air Compressor Parts








VLK1582009, 233885 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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VLK1582009, 233885 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)Compression Nuts And Sleeve (ea.)(ea.) For 3/8" supply tube.60-6/61-6$2.90
60-6/61-6 - Compression Nuts And Sleeve (ea.)-
(not shown)RIDGIDRYOBI RELIEF VALVE TUBING1/4" Nylon Tubing. Order by the foot, qty. 1 = 1 ft. Poor performance, or does air leak out of the intake air filter while the unit is running?...... [+], 079027007017NTB14$3.69NTB14 - RIDGIDRYOBI   RELIEF VALVE TUBING-
00001Screw Plastite061-0152$3.02-
00002Shroud, TopShroud/Housing, top portion only.142-0128$18.74-
00003Shroud Handle142-0130$6.37-
00005Bolt, Shoulder1/4059-0313(X)NLA
00007PUMPMOTOR ASSY 2.0 LOWES SVCMust purchase whole pump/motor for interior parts. Note: Motor brushes are not available for this unit. The pump compresses air and sends the...... [+]040-0366, 040-0372, 160-0308, 040-0377NLA
00008Handle Switch112-0100$9.22112-0100 - Handle Switch-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00009Pressure SwitchOrder this if unit overpressurizes. If unloader valve on side leaks, order check valve instead. If your pressure switch is leaking out of the...... [+]034-0172$130.58034-0172 - Pressure Switch-
00009SWITCH-PRESSURE 125-155 WB UNLOADEPressure Switch, 125-155psi, single port with unloader valve. Note: possible replacement for the 034-0172. If your unit does not have an...... [+]034-0192$45.53034-0192 - SWITCH-PRESSURE 125-155 WB UNLOADE-
00011Filter A clean air filter is essential to the performance of an air compressor. Keep extras on hand as you will inevitably replace it, sometimes often...... [+]019-0201$5.60-
00012TUBE-TRNSFR FLX STL BRD 5.5From pump to tank. Replace if leaking. 5.5" Long with 3/8" compression fittings on each end.S145-0543, 145-0456145-0460$18.08145-0460 - TUBE-TRNSFR FLX STL BRD 5.5-
00014Clamp, Strain Relief 7/16071-0026(X)NLA
00015Shroud, BottomShroud/Housing, bottom portion only.142-0129(X)NLA
00017Label, Warning098-2336$12.82-
00018AHubcap, 1/2"Hubcap for wheel, 1/2". Two required.033-0001$4.67033-0001 - Hubcap, 1/2"-
00018BWheel8" wheel for units w/ 15, 20 & 21g tanks.095-0044$25.85095-0044 - Wheel-
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image
00018CFootIsolator Pad (foot). Two are required.094-0029$5.60-
00018DBushing1-1/2 Npsm X 1/4 Npt512-0035$16.70512-0035 - Bushing-
00018EDrain Cock, 1/4"1/4" MPT Brass (measures 1/2" on OD). Prevent your tank from rusting out. A simple but essential part, the drain cock (or valve) threads into your...... [+]X4423$5.22X4423 - Drain Cock, 1/4"-
00019Pipe Plug, 1-1/2 Npsm512-0039$13.73-
000203/8" x 1/2" Check Valve3/8" Comp X 1/2" MPT. Recommended to replace this if your tank isn't holding pressure or if you're replacing your Pressure Switch! Not using...... [+]CTD3812$22.23CTD3812 - 3/8" x 1/2" Check Valve-
00021Elbow 45deg Male 3/8 Tube X 1/4 Npt064-0083(X)NLA
00022Tube-transfer Mnfld to TnkExhaust tube. Click Here to find a universal replacement part The main line that carries compressed air from the pump head to the air tank, the...... [+], WL005900AVPFT-6B-BLK$2.70PFT-6B-BLK - Tube-transfer Mnfld to Tnk-
00024Screw, #8-32 X 3/8061-0082(X)NLA
Reference Item Please Note! Old Part # Current Part # Price Product Image

Displaying 27 products
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