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Compression Nut & Sleeve 058-0012 - $9.49

Two Stage 175psi Compressor Parts

Product Details
058-0012 - Compression Nut & Sleeve

Found under the following brands: A1 Coupling & Hose, Popular Brands, ProForce, Coleman Powermate Sanborn, Craftsman, Industrial Air, Kobalt, Morgan, Porter Cable, Task Force
Part Number: 058-0012


For Units made BEFORE 05/20/1994 3/4" Comp. nut & sleeve (2 required)

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Save Money When You Buy Two Or More!

Buy an extra Compression Nut & Sleeve to have a backup if it breaks in the future now before the manufacturer discontinues this. Not only will you save money on shipping by buying an extra one now, you'll now also receive a special quantity discount.

Buy two for a 10% discount!
Buy three for a 15% discount!
Buy four or more for a 20% discount!
Buy six or more for a 25% discount!


This item fits the following models:

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