Industrial Air New Pump, UNOAIR

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Price: $340.15

Found under the following brands:

Kellogg, Master Tool Repair

Important!: Please identify your old pump as an UNOAIR or DAYLEAP type pump when ordering by looking at the info below. UNOAIR pump includes the flywheel (which ships separate from the pump) due to the new pump having a different sized flywheel than your original.

UNOAIR model - had a PLASTIC Air Filter Canister, bright PLASTIC Oil Fill Cap and the solid clear PLASTIC Oil Sight Glass.
DAYLEAP model - had a METAL Air Filter Canister, METAL Oil Fill Plug and a BRASS Oil Sight Glass.
Dayleap pump does not include a flywheel. Reuse your old flywheel.



This item fits the following models

16.0 CFM at 40 PSI & 14.0 CFM at 90 PSI
RPM = ≤ 1,200

Extra Details:


Metal Canister Filter

Metal Crankcase Pipe Plug

Brass/Metal Site Glass

12" diameter flywheel not included



Plastic Canister Filter

Bright Yellow Plastic Crankcase Plug

Clear Plastic Site Glass

12 5/8"(old style) or 10 1/2" (new style) diameter flywheel


Oil Capacity: 33 - 37 ounces