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Trigger Valve Assembly WYD9 Kit - 39.88 $19.95

Bostitch Nailer Parts By Model Number

Product Details
WYD9 Kit - Trigger Valve Assembly

Found under the following brands: Master Tool Repair
Part Number: WYD9 Kit


Aftermarket Trigger Kit. This Kit is the most popular kit for Stanley Bostitch nailers. A standard speed valve.

The trigger mechanism actuates the trigger valve inside the gun when you pull it, which fires the driver and drives the nail/staple. There are two types of triggers: “sequential” and “contact”. Contact triggers allow you to “bump fire” the gun: just hold the trigger down and fire multiple nails at a time. Sequential triggers require you to first press the nose to the medium before the gun will fire, so it allows you to fire only one nail at a time.

Extra Details

The TVA6 Kit is the most popular Stanley Bostitch kit. For N50FN, N55C,N57C, N59FN, N60FN, N64C, N66C, N70CB, N80CB, N86C, N100, RN45, RN46, T40BSX-ST, T40BSX-3, T40S5CLP, 650S4-2, 650S5-2, 750S4-2, 750S5-2, 850S4-2, 863S4-2. A standard speed valve.

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