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Piston Cylinder Kit 371-3307P - $120.58

Coleman Sanborn Oil-Free Pumps Parts

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371-3307P - Piston Cylinder Kit

Found under the following brands: Master Tool Repair
Part Number: 371-3307P


Kit includes: piston, rod, cylinder and o-ring. Note: Bearing screw must be torqued to 40-50 in. lbs. No compression usually means a worn piston and cylinder. (Make sure your valves are not broken by inspecting the valve plate as well.) A 30 minute repair well worth the time and money. We machine the rod for better fit. Part has 048-0088 marked on the rod.PLEASE NOTE: When installing, Slide piston down into cylinder. Failure to do so will damage piston ring.

A piston is a disk or cylindrical part tightly fitting and moving within the cylinder, either to compress or move a fluid or air collected in the cylinder, or to transform energy imparted by a fluid (or air) entering or expanding inside the cylinder, into a rectilinear motion usually transformed into rotary motion by means of a connecting rod.

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