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Pneumatic Framing Nailer Parts NR83A

Hitachi Nailer Parts

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NR83A - Pneumatic Framing Nailer Parts

Found under the following brands: Hitachi
Model: NR83A

Individual Repair Parts


Repair Parts for the Hitachi NR83A Stick Framing Nailer

NR83A - Pneumatic Framing Nailer Parts schematic
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NR83A - Pneumatic Framing Nailer Parts schematic
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We have Hitachi NR83A nailer parts here. Whether or not you need a driver, magazine assembly, o-ring kit or simply a nail pusher, we have your parts. Hitachi NR83A nailer parts are easy to come by at Master Tool Repair. We have helpful sales team members that can assist you with your repair. We have accessories as well as nailer oil to keep your nailer lubricated. This nailer is one of the most popular nailers for framers.We keep the most popular Hitachi NR83A nailer parts in stock and can order most other parts in a matter of a few days. To make ordering easier, we have created the ability for you to order parts by simply enlarging the schematic and then using your mouse to hover over the actual part. You will see the part pop up and are able to order by simply choosing the quantity of parts that you need. Make sure to keep spare parts on hand so that your down time will be minimal. O-rings should be replaced at a minimum of once per year, even if you do not use your nailer, the o-rings will dry out if not kept lubricated at least monthly.

 *Please select the quantity for each item you wish to order and click the 'Add To Cart' button below.

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Reference Item Please Note! Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)For NR83A/A2/AA/AA2/AA3/NV83A/NV83A2 NailersFor models NR83A3 and NR83AA4, order part# 878-376 O-ring to replace 877-313 O-Ring in Kit. Includes all key o-rings for tool. Does not include...... [+]$31.3518000 - For NR83A/A2/AA/AA2/AA3/NV83A/NV83A2 NailersFactory B/O, no ETA
(not shown)Aftermarket Service KitThis aftermarket service kit includes six integral parts you need to get your Hitachi NR83A/A2 framing nailer operating like new again. These are...... [+]
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$42.14DBM83-04 - Aftermarket Service Kit-
(not shown)NR83A/NR83AA O Ring KitSave money on our MTR overhaul kit. Our kit includes the trigger valve o-rings. The Hitachi OEM kit (18000) does not.$22.7518000G - NR83A/NR83AA O Ring Kit-
00001Hex Sock HD Bolt$5.18-
00002Lock Washer M6 (10pc)$1.42-
00003Air DeflectorKeeps air blast away from you.$6.50877330 - Air Deflector-
00004Hex Sockehd Bolt M6x25 (10pcs)$4.08-
00005BExhaust HeadReplace if cracked or bottom is pitted or grooved.$25.23877-324 - Exhaust Head-
00006Cap GasketLeaky cap? Replace this gasket. Only available in the GS1-Q Gasket Kit.$5.56877-325 - Cap Gasket-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
Gasket Kit, NR83A/NR83A2Kit includes Gaskets for Cap, Nose Piece, Exhaust, Valve and Hose Cap. Premium, metal style gasket with rubber coating. Better than the OEM.$19.88GS1-Q - Gasket Kit, NR83A/NR83A2-
00007GasketIf you remove the exhaust piece that is on top of this gasket, you MUST replace this gasket too. Only available in the GS1-Q Gasket Kit.$2.17
877-329 - Gasket-
00008Exhaust PieceOrder Gasket separately.$20.16-
00009GasketUsed until 06/1988. Only available in the GS1-Q Gasket Kit.$2.97-
00010Valve O-ring$3.69-
00011AExhaust ValveFits in head cap of nailer.$7.30-
00012aHead Manifold & GasketAlso includes 9a.$43.07-
00013O-ringO-ring for piston/driver.$2.57877-368 - O-ring-
Carbide Piston/Driver AssbyAs good or Better than the OEM driver. Has carbide driver blade.$36.88SP877323C - Carbide Piston/Driver Assby-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00014NR83A2/A3 Piston Driver AssyOEM Piston/Driver Assy., includes O-Ring. This replaces the 877-323 Driver.$84.00885-915 - NR83A2/A3 Piston Driver Assy-
00015O-ring (s-90)$3.30-
00016Cylinder O-ring 63.1$2.57877-312 - Cylinder O-ring 63.1-
00017Cylinder Plate$10.76-
00018Cylinder O-ring$2.57877-313 - Cylinder O-ring-
00019CylinderReplace your worn cylinder.$55.56-
00020Cylinder O-ring$2.57877-314 - Cylinder O-ring-
00021Cylinder Ring$1.71(X)Due: 01/22/2019
00022Cylinder Spring$2.14-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00023Base Washer$2.97-
00024Cylinder GuideOrder O-rings separate. Replace if chipped or grooved.$25.57-
00025Gasket (G)$1.36-
00026BBody (b)$263.85-
00027Name Plate$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00028Cylinder O-ring$2.57-
00029Cylinder Bumper$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00031APISTON BUMPER NR83AA NV83A NV65ACIf your bumper is cracked, replace it now before you break a driver.$43.07878303 - PISTON BUMPER NR83AA   NV83A   NV65AC-
00031APiston Bumper, AftermarketAftermarket Piston Bumper, equivalent to Hitachi 878-303 and 883-511. Fits NR83A, NV83A & others. See the 'Extra Details' tab to see all models it...... [+]
Click here for more info
$13.03SP883511 - Piston Bumper, Aftermarket-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00032GasketBottom gasket. Only available in the GS1-Q Gasket Kit.$2.97877-334 - Gasket-
00033BHi Tension Bolt$0.44-
00036cGuardProtect safety from jamming.$6.97878-419 - Guard-
00038NoseAftermarket NOSE NR83A2(S) & NR83A$69.66SP884076 - Nose-
00040Hex Socket HD Bolt$6.60-
00042GasketGasket for end cap. Only available in the GS1-Q Gasket Kit.$1.36-
00043aCapBroken hose end? Replace it fast. Order gasket too! (42)$5.89878-311 - Cap-
00044Spring Washer M5$1.39-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00045AHex Sockehd Bolt M5x18 (10pcs)$3.30-
00046Dust Cap$1.34-
00047Trigger PinPin for (57) lever.$4.42-
00048Safety Bolt$1.36-
00049Safety SpringPrevents safety trip from allowing nailer to be fired accidentally.$2.57877-365 - Safety Spring-
00050Aftermarket Safety LeverAftermarket PUSHING LEVER, NR83A. Replace if bent or missing. Has gripping teeth and depth adjustment.$24.13-
00051Hex Nut M5 (10pc)$1.42-
00052Plunger Spring$1.36-
SP-P1 Plunger Valve AssySave money with this Trigger Plunger Valve Kit for the Hitachi NR83A framing nailer. The SP-P1 kit is compatible with following nail...... [+]
Click here for more info
$15.35SP-P1 - SP-P1 Plunger Valve Assy-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00053O-RING P-4 NR65AK$1.39874436 - O-RING P-4  NR65AK-
NR/NV83A Routine Trigger PartsO-rings, valve packing and ball for trigger only. Order kit below also for rest of nailer.$19.30NR/NV83ATrigger - NR/NV83A Routine Trigger Parts-
00054APlunger (a)$1.96-
00055Valve Bushing$16.02-
00056O-ring (s-12)$2.17875-638 - O-ring (s-12)-
00057Trigger LeverOrder pin (47) as well.$3.44-
00058Plunger (b)$4.08-
00059aTrigger Valve PackingIf your trigger is leaking when you depress it, then this is the part that needs replacing. Order 2 or 3 for backup.$0.50888151 - Trigger Valve Packing-
00060Urethane Ball (c) D7.14$4.85875-645 - Urethane Ball (c) D7.14-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00061Valve Plate$1.36-
00062ATrigger Valve BushingOrder O-ring separately.$8.75-
00063aTrigger PlungerReplace if worn or missing. Requires o-ring in NR/NV83ATrig kit.$2.25-
00064Aftermarket Nail FeederAFtermarket Nail feeder for magazine.$20.38SP877393Z - Aftermarket Nail Feeder-
Ribbon Spring SetRibbon Spring Set. Replace even if yours is slightly kinked. Prevent nail jams.$11.55878-421 - Ribbon Spring Set-
00067Nylon Nut M4 Nr83a/aa Nr90ac$1.34-
00068Spring Washer M4 (10pc)$2.77-
00071Hex Sock HD Bolt M5x45 10ps$5.06-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00072Hex Sockhd Bolt M5x25 Nv45ab 10ps$3.69-
00073Washer M5 10ps$1.36-
00074Stop Lever$5.56-
00076Stopper Spring$4.85-
00077Hex Socket HD Bolt M6x25 10ps$2.97-
00078Plunger O-ring$2.17874-820 - Plunger O-ring-
00079Nylon Nut M5$1.36877-371 - Nylon Nut M5-
00081Magazine Assby.Steel magazine with 2 holes for attachment to back of nailer.$98.22884-570 - Magazine Assby.-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00081AHd Magazine Assby.Aftermarket Heavy Duty magazine for Hitachi NR83A and NR83A2. Very HD extruded aluminum frame. Easy to clear nail jam area. Easy to replace...... [+]$63.95885827HD - Hd Magazine Assby.-
00083Trigger Arm (D)$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00084Nail Guide$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
0009aGasketused since 07/1988$2.97- Wrench 6mm$0.00(X)NLA
No Info Wrench 5mm$0.00(X)NLA
No Info Wrench 4mm$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00503O-Ring Kit$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
No Info
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00602Sequential KitAllows you to change your nailer so that you must depress the nose, then pull the trigger each time you want to shoot a nail. Much requested...... [+]$87.93Due: 12/20/2018

Displaying 91 products

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