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Air Compressor Parts 5F237

Speedaire Oil Free Compressor Parts

Product Details
5F237 - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Speedaire
Model: 5F237

Air Compressor Parts

5F237 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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5F237 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)5/16 " - 18 Lock Nut$2.60ST146001AV - 5/16 " - 18 Lock Nut-
(not shown)Strain Relief Screw$1.34ST209800AV - Strain Relief Screw-
No Info
No Info
00003Sstm Foot W/stud Duro$6.50ST162600AV - Sstm Foot W/stud Duro-
00005THUMB SCREW DRAIN COCKKeep your tank from rusting. Replace this if leaking or will not work. 1/4" Thread & 9/16" Hex$7.83
000063/8 Tube with Compression Elbow1/4" NPT.$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
000071/4" Pipe Nipple1/4" MPT x 1 1/2" hex pipe nipple; steel. Use this to convert female threads to male threads.$3.001/4XHEXNIPPLE ST - 1/4" Pipe Nipple-
00009Bushing Adapter1/4" x 1/8" Adapter. If you need a 1/4" MPT fitting, but the part you have is only 1/8" MPT, then use this bushing adapter.$7.53ST071407AV - Bushing Adapter-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00010Pressure Gauge-250 PSI Side-M0-250 PSI, 1/8" NPT, LEFT MOUNT, 1.625" FACE$14.73GA016306AV - Pressure Gauge-250 PSI Side-M-
00011Regulator w/ Non-CH DecalOEM Regulator; 3-port; gauges sold separately.$20.01RE300000AJ - Regulator w/ Non-CH Decal-
00012Safety Valve 1/4 NPT ASMEIf your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature. Used with WL650801.$20.14V-215100AV - Safety Valve 1/4 NPT ASME-
00013Condor Unloader Kit, 90-degree$25.31CW210001AV - Condor Unloader Kit, 90-degree-
00014Clamp Cord$5.18CW209600AV - Clamp Cord-
00016Power Cord & Plug$19.35EC012600AV - Power Cord & Plug-
00017Check Valve1/4" FPT x 1/2" MPT with hose barb fitting.$12.48CTB1412HB - Check Valve-
00018Exhaust Tube$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00019Compression Sleeve$1.52ST039800AV - Compression Sleeve-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00020Compression Nut$1.52ST039700AV - Compression Nut-
00021Exhaust Fitting 3/8$14.33ST072224AV - Exhaust Fitting 3/8-
00022Tapping Screw$0.00ST073275AV - Tapping Screw(X)NLA
No Info
000233/8" Nylon Tube$0.00WL021400AV - 3/8" Nylon Tube(X)NLA
No Info
00024Torx Screw$0.00ST129302AV - Torx Screw(X)NLA
No Info
00025Torx Screw$1.45ST129301AV - Torx Screw-
00026Hand Grip$10.40-

Filter - All plastic, 1/2" MPT. Uses 04 element, 2" diameter. Order extra for a backup! Replace this often (especially in dusty environments) to keep

... [+]
$10.26WL026100AV - AIR FILTER W/ELEMENT Style 1-
00029Unloader Tube$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00030Screw$1.53ST116400AV - Screw-
00031Exhaust Tube Kit$0.00(X)NLA
No Info

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