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Air Compressor Parts TF291201AJ

Husky Stationary Air Compressor Parts

Product Details
TF291201AJ - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Husky
Model: TF291201AJ - Compatible replacement parts for original Husky models

Air Compressor Parts




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TF291201AJ - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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TF291201AJ - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00001New Pump, 7.5 HP

OEM replacement Pump. This Pump operates with either a 7.5 HP Electric Motor or a 13-14 HP Gas Engine. Note: This replacement pump is a splash lubrica

... [+]
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$643.72TF2111 - New Pump, 7.5 HP-
00002Vert Tank Tf/hs/jvt$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00006Drain Cock, 3/8"$7.90ST127700AV - Drain Cock, 3/8"-
00007DISCH TUBE 5-712 80GV 12$44.60TF069000AJ - DISCH TUBE 5-712 80GV 12-
00008Nut Comp Align

This part is available in the following kits:

  • Exhaust Tube Kit
  • $13.51
    ST072321AV - Nut Comp Align-
    00009Check Valve3/4" FPT X 3/4" MPT$29.82CTB3434 - Check Valve-
    00010Tube Fttg

    This part is available in the following kits:

  • Pressure Switch kit - QR
  • $6.95QR - Tube Fttg-
    00011Tube-transfer Mnfld to TnkExhaust tube. Click Here to find a universal replacement part...... [+]$2.70PFT-6B-BLK - Tube-transfer Mnfld to Tnk-
    00012Pipe Nippleitem;$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
    00013Safety Valve$18.71V-215200AV - Safety Valve-
    00014Pressure Switch, 135/175 PSI135 PSI cut-on, 175 PSI cut-off, w/ 90 degree quick-lock unloader valve, 4-port manifold, NO on/off switch
    Click here for more info
    $46.18CW218000AV - Pressure Switch, 135/175 PSI-
    00014ASwitch Lever Cap$1.52ST075400AV - Switch Lever Cap-
    00015Nylon Tube, 1/4" ODUse this nylon tube if your pressure switch has a plastic unloader valve with a quick-connect fitting.$3.69NTB14 - Nylon Tube, 1/4" OD-
    000167.5HP 1phase IND PACKEDPlease order replacement item MC024500IP.$814.50MC024500IP - 7.5HP 1phase IND PACKED-
    00018BELT BX-66Also used on models CE720500FP, CE720600FP$19.41BT008501AV - BELT BX-66-
    00019PULLEY 4.6X1.125 B-1Used on models CE720500FP, CE720600FP$68.61PU009750AV - PULLEY 4.6X1.125 B-1-
    00024Beltguard Kit Quad/HS$89.74BG307700SJ - Beltguard Kit Quad/HS-
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
    00032Belt Guard, Wire$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    00033Control Panel Bracket$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    00034Universal Coupler$11.08HF203300AV - Universal Coupler-
    00035Compression Fitting$25.77ST072231AV - Compression Fitting-
    0003716 CI FLYWHEEL 1B w KEYHas now been changed to a single groove flywheel. Will still work with 2 groove motor pulley.$238.87PU016701AJ - 16 CI FLYWHEEL 1B w KEY-
    00037Flywheelitem. Please order replacement item # PU016700AJ.$88.28-
    00038Control Panel Bracket$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    0003914T X 18NPT 90 PUSH CONNECTitem. Please order replacement item # ST081601AV.$12.79ST081601AV - 14T X 18NPT 90 PUSH CONNECT-
    00041Control Panel Bracket$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
    00042Pressure Gauge, Right Mount0-250 PSI, 1/4" NPT, RIGHT MOUNT, 2" FACE$14.89GA016705AV - Pressure Gauge, Right Mount-
    00043Pressure GaugeNote - Order this item for model EX55803VA only.$15.40GA016709AV - Pressure Gauge-
    00044Ball Valve Kititem.$20.29PA117000AV - Ball Valve Kit-
    00045Mag Starter BracketModel CE800100 only$0.00BG215300AV - Mag Starter Bracket(X)NLA
    No Info
    00046SCR SELF T.516-12 X 34ST016500AV - SCR SELF T.516-12 X 34(X)NLA
    No Info
    00047Magnetic Starter Assembly$176.16ST122010AJ - Magnetic Starter Assembly-
    00048Hex Screw$1.44-
    00049Heater Element$0.00PS005551AV - Heater Element(X)NLA
    No Info

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