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Air Compressor Pump Parts B2800, B3800, NS18S, 4116091337

ABAC, IMC Compressor Pump Parts

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B2800, B3800, NS18S, 4116091337 - Air Compressor Pump Parts
Model: B2800, B3800, NS18S, 4116091337

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B2800, B3800, NS18S, 4116091337 - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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B2800, B3800, NS18S, 4116091337 - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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Product Specifications

  • B3800 Specs
  • 7.41 cfm @ 100 psi w/ 5 HP motor
  • 3 - 5 HP
  • Min RPM 700 Max RPM 1400
  • Max Pressure 130 psi
  • Flywheel is 13.78" for B3800 & NS18S
  • Bore 2.36
  • Stroke 1.97
  • Belt A-1
  • Weight 24 lbs.
  • 11.02 L x 10.94 W x 12.75 H for B3000 13.00 L x 11.38 W x 13.56 H for B3800
  • Bolt Footprint 7.44" Side to Side 5.62" Front to Back for B3000
  • Oil capacity .56 qts. for B2800 and 1.12 qts. for the B3800 & NS18S
Extra Details

How to tell if you have a B3800 or a B2800 pump.
B3800 Flywheel diameter is 13.78".
B2800 Flywheel diameter is 11.02".
NS18S pump is a B3800 with an added aftercooler which must be used.
2800070 B2800 pump has an added aftercooler which must be used.


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Standard break-in procedure:

1. Open drain tap

2. Turn on compressor for about 10 to 15 min.

3. Let it cool for 15 to 20 min.

4. Close drain tap.

5.Run air compressor until unit turns off by itself.

6. Ready for use.

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(not shown)B2800 PUMP W/ AFTERCOOLER

This pump has a right hand discharge and aftercooler. The aftercooler must be used. It has a threaded port on the bottom of the aftercooler for a comp

... [+]
$194.792800070 - B2800 PUMP W/ AFTERCOOLER-
(not shown)COMPRESSOR1.5-5HP2CYL1STAGEReplacement pump B2800 RH discharge. 1.5 - 5 HP, 2 Cycle, Single Stage 10 CFM @ 1400 Max RPM 125 - 135 PSI$257.381312100119 - COMPRESSOR1.5-5HP2CYL1STAGE-
(not shown)New Pump Assy

New pump includes a flywheel, sight glass, breather and air filter (no aftercooler). Click Here to see the full technical specifications on this pum

... [+]
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B3800 - New Pump Assy-
(not shown)NS18S PumpSame as B3800. Includes aftercooler, flywheel and air filter. Aftercooler must be used.
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$204.27NS18S - NS18S Pump-
(not shown)Service Maint Kit, B2800, B3800

Kit for one service on pump. Kit includes one plastic style air filter and 1 Qt. of 30W compressor oil. NOTE: Not for NS18S pump, which uses a diff

... [+]
$27.09KT38M - Service Maint Kit, B2800, B3800-
00001Valve Assby.Valve plate assby. w/ upper and lower gaskets.$54.31
9428001 - Valve Assby.-
00002KIT CONROD B3800-B3801 For B3800 pump$163.52-
00002Piston/rod Assby.(ea.) For B2800 ONLY. Piston/Rings/Connecting Rod Assy.$43.54-
00003Crank KitFor B3800. Crank and bearings. Replace if scored. 8-12 week delivery$154.479428022 - Crank Kit-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00004Crankcase Bottom KitFor B3800: Includes crankcase bottom, crankcase gasket, screw & washer.$38.529428031 - Crankcase Bottom Kit-
00004Crankcase Bottom KitFor B2800. Includes bottom pan and gasket$65.17-
00004AGasket, Crankcase Bottom$8.083650100 - Gasket, Crankcase Bottom(X)Due: 10/15/2019
00004BGasket, Crankcase Bottom, B2500/B2800For B2800 pump. 12-hole style.$3.47-
00007Head KitHead and head gasket. Kit is for the B2800 and B3800.$46.539428060 - Head Kit-
00007aHeadNote: Head is ONLY for the NS18S. Gaskets required.$28.643860400 - Head-
00008FLYWHEEL D350 BLACKFor B3800 pump. Flywheel only. Bolt and washer sold separately. Bore- 2.36”.$95.791310711155 - FLYWHEEL D350 BLACK-
00008Flywheel, B2800For B2800 pump.$89.37-
00009Gasket Kit (less Oil Pan Gasket)Gaskets shown on schematic.$19.829428090 - Gasket Kit (less Oil Pan Gasket)-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00010OIL LEVEL 12 GAS METAL CASEIncludes oil sight glass and breather with gaskets.$23.219428100 - OIL LEVEL 12 GAS METAL CASE-
00011aAir Filter AssbyPlastic style. Includes filter housing and element.$9.459428110 - Air Filter Assby-
00011aFilter AdapterFilter Adapter (NS18S/T29S pumps) that uses the Canister Filter Style.$9.05Due: 08/15/2019
00011b1/2" MPT Air Filter Assembly 1/2" MPT x Ht 4.19" x W 4.12" Twist lock Uses 10 element.$21.90FS-10-052 - 1/2" MPT Air Filter Assembly-
00011cReplacement Element for (#3) Canister4" Diameter. Canister Air Filter Element. Element only for air filter assembly.$13.6010 - Replacement Element for (#3) Canister-
00012Ring KitComplete ring set.$29.541310711172 - Ring Kit-
00013Oil Drain Extension8mm metric oil drain extension tube. Add this to prevent oil spills when draining your oil. Order 2 as a spare. (does not include cap)$5.53-
00013Oil Drain PlugThis allows you to drain the oil from your pump.$1.059101154 - Oil Drain Plug-
Aftercooler KitIncludes aftercooler, gasket and bolts.$22.19-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00028aAftercooler GasketIncluded in 9428090 gasket kit. New style is made of graphite for better sealing.$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00028bAftercooler GasketAftercooler gasket for B3800 pump (manufactured after 2007)$5.301070200 - Aftercooler Gasket-

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