Air pressure knob for Oil Free Units

Coleman Sanborn

These are the basic styles if you have a Coleman/Sanborn direct-drive oil-free unit. Unsure? e-mail us at and we will help!

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115-150 PSI Condor Pressure Switch
  • Model Number: 21JCXEWW
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Air Compressor Manifold Parts
  • Model Number: P0502010, CP0502010
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On/Off Switches
Various Models
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Regulator Parts
Regulator Group Parts
  • Model Number: N0200412
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Regulator parts for L063112 Series & Others
  • Model Number: L0631112
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Regulator Parts for Older Oil Free Air Compressors
Air Compressor Parts
  • Model Number: 01EL75, 02EL100, 03EL150, 04EL200, 10E075PN
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Regulator Parts for Older Oil Free Units
  • Model Number: 01EC75, 02EC100, 03EC150, 04EC200, M02EC100
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Regulators for LA0631112, LA0501512, LA0602112, LA0602712 & more
  • Model Number: LA0631112, LA0501512, LA0602112, LA0602712
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products)