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Filter Element, Fill Cap and Site Glass Kit E100Kit - $18.99

921 Craftsman Air Compressor Parts

Product Details
E100Kit - Filter Element, Fill Cap and Site Glass Kit

Found under the following brands: Master Tool Repair
Part Number: E100Kit

This kit contains the following components:


This kit includes qty. 1 each of air filter element, oil fill cap and oil sight glass.

A clean air filter is essential to the performance of an air compressor. Keep extras on hand as you will inevitably replace it, sometimes often (if used in a contractor or shop application). Some filters have paper elements like automotive air filters, some are simply foam or felt mediums. The filter installs into the inlet side of the pump head and filters out particulates that can damage the pump. Replace every three months or sooner (if used in a shop or jobsite), or whenever you change the oil.

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