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Hi Pressure Connecting Rod 610-1412 - L21W $60.49

Emglo Pump Parts

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610-1412 - Hi Pressure Connecting Rod

Found under the following brands: Jenny, Emglo
Part Number: 610-1412 (L21W)

Description: This is the one with the EQ38 bronze bushing insert. You need 3 L21L connecting rods and one of these to replace all 4 connecting rods. Order wrist & roll pin also if needed.

The connecting rod “connects” the crankshaft to the piston, to create a “stroke”, creating compression (in an air compressor) or combustion (in an engine). When a pump is run low on oil the conrod(s) will usually freeze onto the crankshaft journal, seizing the pump. At this point you must replace the conrods. Be sure to torque the conrod bolt down to the specified torque setting per the manufacturer.

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This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Parts - GT-Style
Air Compressor Pumps & Pump Parts - EQ, EQU, EQW
Air Compressor Pump Parts - Y, YU
Air Compressor Parts - GT-Style

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