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A1 Coupling & Hose, Popular Brands, ProForce, Coleman Powermate Sanborn, Craftsman, Industrial Air, Kobalt, Morgan, Porter Cable, Task Force

Kit includes: Connecting Rod/Piston Assy, Piston Ring, Spacer, Conrod Screw, Nut, Piston Cap, Screw and Cylinder.(ref. #s 13, 22-27). Click the 'Extra Details' tab for important installation instructions!

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Extra Details:

Important! Use the correct spacer gasket that are provided in the kit!

The spacers (gaskets) are used to control the proper clearance between the con-rod cap and the valve plate in the pump assembly. If your original pump had the spacer(s) in place then you will need to use the same color spacer from this service kit. Each kit comes with two spacers, one is green in color (approx. .013” thick) and the other one is gray in color (approx. .039” thick).

The spacers (when used) are intended to be placed between the pump casting and the cylinder sleeve (see below image). If the incorrect spacer is used or if you place them on top of the cylinder sleeve instead of under it, the con-rod cap could hit the valve plate assembly. It's always recommended to rotate the pump by hand after re-assembly (prior to plugging it in) to ensure that there is no binding (proper con-rod centering in the sleeve) or contact with the valve plate!