SC23, 2 Stage Pump

Coleman, Sanborn Pumps & Parts

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Price: $906.95

Found under the following brands:

Unoair, Square D, Watts, WEG, Champion, ACS, Hosetract, Hubbell-Furnas, Kellogg

  • CFM: 17 CFM at 175 PSI (5 HP)

Complete pump w/ flywheel! For stop/start units. Import version of Saylor Bealle 705. The warranty period on pumps from this manufacturer is (1) year. Customer pays freight on any warranty repairs.

This item fits the following models

  • 17 CFM at 175 PSI (5 HP)
  • Cast-Iron Construction
  • Slow Speed (RPM = 730-860)
  • Inserted Rods
  • Centrifugal Unloading
  • Suitable for 184T Frame Motor