84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A #01A1A6

84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A #01A1A6

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Model Numbers: 84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A

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This pump is not available anymore. It was a cast iron 2 cylinder pump used on many 84A, 104A, 112A, 400A, 500A Units. Usually produced between 4-6 CFM @ 100 PSI.

Note! We offer a very similar replacement pump, which is our MSL10 pump assembly. This is a brand new, cast iron, twin-cylinder pump which includes the air filter assembly and 10" V-belt flywheel; just add oil.
It produces the same CFM and PSI and the original pump; the main difference is the bolt pattern on the pump which is slightly different than the original. This may require holes to be drilled on the baseplate in order to fit the pump on the baseplate. This pump is the best option and will operate with minor modifications made.