B5000, 51-AT22, B51-A22 #01A190

B5000, 51-AT22, B51-A22 #01A190

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Model Numbers: B5000, 51-AT22, B51-A22

Repair Parts for Coleman Powermate Sanborn (Black Max) B5000, 51-AT22, B51-A22 Two-Stage Oil-Bath Air Compressor Pump

This pump is obsolete. Limited parts are available.

The suggested replacement pump is the B5900. You will need to make modifications such as:

-New Mounting Bolt Pattern
-Smaller Belt
-Flexible Transfer Tube with related hardware.



  • Used on the BL51AT22 and others.
  • Some parts are still available even though the whole pump is not
  • This pump is easily identified by the intercooler tube location and finned supply line.
  • Has a 17" flywheel.
  • Footprint was 9" side to side and 7.5" front to back
  • Use 3450 RPM motor.
  • Oil capacity 52 oz.