K17 #01A187

K17 #01A187

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Model Numbers: K17

Repair Parts for Rol-Air K17 Air Compressor Pump

NOTE! When ordering the filter element or assembly:

  • If your unit was built before 10/2018, order filter assy FS14050-RA or filter element 14-SOL.
  • If your unit was built after 10/2018, order filter assy FS10052-RA or filter element 10-SOL.



Torque specs:

Connecting Rods:121.5 in lbs. (oil holes facing out)
Roller Bearing carriers:130 in lbs.
Cylinder Bolts:182 in lbs.
Head bolts:243 in lbs. (in X pattern)

Technical Documents

Click Here for technical doc on How To Install Valves