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Air Compressor Pump Parts 84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A

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84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A - Air Compressor Pump Parts
Coleman Powermate Sanborn
Brand: Coleman Powermate Sanborn
Model: 84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A

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84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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84A, 104A, 112A, 143, 400A, 500A - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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This pump is not available anymore. It was a cast iron 2 cylinder pump used on many 84A, 104A, 112A, 400A, 500A Units. Usually produced between 4-6 CFM @ 100 PSI.

Note! We offer a very similar replacement pump, which is our MSL10 pump assembly. This is a brand new, cast iron, twin-cylinder pump which includes the air filter assembly and 10" V-belt flywheel; just add oil.
It produces the same CFM and PSI and the original pump; the main difference is the bolt pattern on the pump which is slightly different than the original. This may require holes to be drilled on the baseplate in order to fit the pump on the baseplate. This pump is the best option and will operate with minor modifications made.

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(not shown)Valve Repair Kit (Style 3)

For 2 piece valve plate style, valves are grouped in 3's with 2 holes at the end of each reed (valve plate not included). The OEM Gaskets are not avai

... [+]
$0.00143VALVEKIT3 - Valve Repair Kit (Style 3)(X)NLA
No Info
(not shown)Valve Repair Kit (Style 2)

This valve kit is for the reed valves that are round at one end, with 2 holes in each reed. The OEM Gaskets are not available, Gaskets included are ha

... [+]
$69.51143VALVEKIT2 - Valve Repair Kit (Style 2)-
00018Cyliner Gasket (lower)Fits between cylinder and crakcase.$4.58-
00020Lower valve plate gasketReplace if cracked or torn.$0.00C0043 - Lower valve plate gasket(X)NLA
No Info
Valve Repair Kit (Style 1)

This consists of lower valve plate gasket, a template for you to cut the upper valve plate gasket, 4 reed valves, 4 bumpers and 8 screws. (bumpers may

... [+]
No Info
00020-27New Head & Valve Plate Assby with Related Gaskets

Industrial grade head and new style 2 piece valve plate, gaskets and air filter assembly. Replace this if valve body damaged. We hand tap a 1/8" hole

... [+]
$0.00143VALVEPLATEASSBY - New Head & Valve Plate Assby with Related Gaskets(X)NLA
No Info
00022Stop bar for reed valves$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00023(0023)Reed valveFor valve plate style 1. Order stop bar also if needed. (Order 4 for complete set)$0.00112593 - (0023)Reed valve(X)NLA
No Info
00024Valve Plate (original Style)OBSOLETE - Order New Head and Valve Plate Assby (143valvePlateAssby) or new replacement pump.$0.00043-0009 - Valve Plate (original Style)(X)NLA
No Info
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00027AIR FILTER (WOOLFLT) 130 165

Felt filter for Sanborn 130/165 style pumps. Approximately 1 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 3/8" thick. Order 2 or 3 for spares. Replace this every 3-4 months if the

... [+]
019-0052 - AIR FILTER (WOOLFLT) 130 165-
Ring setComplete ring set for both pistons. Good for 84/104/112/143 pumps.$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
0040aAir Filter Element

#8 hollow filter for older Sanborn pumps (old wing nut style)(ea.) 2.25" Width & 2.25" Height Protect your pump from damage by keeping clean or

... [+]
$38.18019-0053 - Air Filter Element-

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