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Air Compressor Pump Parts K17

Rol-Air Pump Parts

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K17 - Air Compressor Pump Parts

Found under the following brands: Grip Rite, Master Force, Rol-Air, Norgren
Model: K17

Individual Repair Parts


Repair Parts for Rol-Air K17 Air Compressor Pump

K17 - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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K17 - Air Compressor Pump Parts schematic
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Product Specifications

Torque specs:

Connecting Rods:121.5 in lbs. (oil holes facing out)
Roller Bearing carriers:130 in lbs.
Cylinder Bolts:182 in lbs.
Head bolts:243 in lbs. (in X pattern)

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1700PK17Piston Assby with Pin, Retainer & RingsIncludes piston, rings, piston pin & snap rings.$72.851700PK17 - Piston Assby with Pin, Retainer & Rings-

If your crank is grooved, replace it to ensure that your rebuild will not be in vain. If there are only surface deposits of aluminum from the bearings

... [+]
$147.7130201000CH - Crankshaft-
30300030CHBall BearingCrankcase Ball Bearing, front end-cap.$20.95-
30300040CHSealSeal for crank$10.40-
30400830CHBearing Carrier$36.53-
30400890CHSupport, Flywheel$34.40-
30500130CHOil Site Gauge GasketReplace this gasket when replacing oil site gauge.$3.9830500130CH - Oil Site Gauge Gasket-
30500150CHGasket$6.9530500150CH - Gasket-
3050016ACHOil Breather Gasket3/8" gasket for oil breather.$4.883050016ACH - Oil Breather Gasket-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
30501110CHGasket$12.3730501110CH - Gasket-
30501120CHGasket$8.4030501120CH - Gasket-
30501490CHAftercooler Tube GasketIf leaking occurs around your aftercooler supply line at the head, replace this gasket.$6.9530501490CH - Aftercooler Tube Gasket-
30502510CHAftercooler O-ringO-ring needed for finned aftercooler.$6.95-
31007280CHFlywheel11" diameter with a tapered bore$102.44-
31100210CHBearing Inserts (order 2 for Both Rods)If you start to hear knocking from your pump, then you need to replace your bearing inserts. Check crank to make sure it is not damaged.$36.5331100210CH - Bearing Inserts (order 2 for Both Rods)-
31100240CHBushingItem not sold. Requires special machining to use.$13.78-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
31100750CHConnecting RodReplace these if bent or worn. Check crank for damage first. (includes upper bushing)$85.3931100750CH - Connecting Rod-
31200260CHPin, Piston$17.66-
31200270CHPiston$55.9731200270CH - Piston-
31200280CHRing, Slotted Oil$12.66-
31200290CHRing, Scraper$10.96-
31200300CHRing, Compression Hp$10.96-
31301170CHPump HeadDid your unit tip over and break the head. Replace it with a new one. Order gaskets too.$68.42-
32700350CHReed ValveQty: 1 valve. Order multiple to complete a set.$5.77-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
32701030CHValve PlateIf your valve plates are pitted or the valve holes are not lining up with your valves, then you will need to replace these. 2 required for a set.$67.3932701030CH - Valve Plate-
3290146ACHAftercoolerFinned aftercooler. Order o-ring to go with aftercooler.$64.803290146ACH - Aftercooler-
36500140CHGAUGE OIL SIGHT K11 K17 K24 K30Oil Site Gauge. Save old gasket.$12.0936500140CH - GAUGE  OIL SIGHT  K11 K17 K24 K30-
36500300CHBREATHER K50 38_inchesCrankcase breather with o-ring.$18.2136507050CH - BREATHER  K50  38_inches-
36531130CHCap for Breather$5.7736531130CH - Cap for Breather-
No Info
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
37600230CHSnap Ring$4.58-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
47Replacement Element for (#1-4) Filter Assby.

Generic replacement filter element, fits all "FS-14" Assemblies. 4.25"OD x 3"ID x 2 3/8" Height. Replace every 3-4 months if air compressor is used fr

... [+]
$10.2814 - Replacement Element for (#1-4) Filter Assby.-
BLSQPL0250Black Plug$5.18-
FS140501/2" MPT Air Filter AssemblyComplete filter assembly including filter element. 1/2" threaded inlet. 2-1/4" x 6-1/4". Takes the #14 Filter Element.$30.03FS-14-050 - 1/2" MPT Air Filter Assembly-
K17GasketsGasket KitIncludes all necessary gaskets for rebuilding pump.$50.75K17Gaskets - Gasket Kit-
NotShownHead Gasket KitIncludes top, middle and lower head gaskets.$53.71-
NotShownK17 Pump (Includes Flywheel & Air Filter)

Up to 11.11 cfm with 3 HP motor. Cast iron cylinders. Please specify your model number in the comments section of your order when ordering to receive

... [+]
$446.25PMP12K17CH - K17 Pump (Includes Flywheel & Air Filter)-
NotShownK17 Pump (Less Flywheel)

Up to 11.11 cfm with 3 HP motor. Please specify your model number in the comments section of your order when ordering to receive correct setup. Cast i

... [+]
$437.75PMP12K17CHLF - K17 Pump (Less Flywheel)-
NotShownRing Set for Both Pistons

Order rings if your unit is using oil and your valves are good. Hone the cylinder walls prior to installing. Order cylinder gasket if only removing cy

... [+]
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
NotShownRolair K17 Pump Rebuild Kit (Rings, Valves, Gaskets, Filter, Oil)

Includes most needed parts for full rebuild. Kit contains: Gasket Set, Oil Sight Glass, Oil Breather/Dipstick, Rings, Air Filter, Reed Valves and B

... [+]
$134.63K17REPKIT/BLNDSYN - Rolair K17 Pump Rebuild Kit (Rings, Valves, Gaskets, Filter, Oil)-
NotShownRolair K17 Valve Kit (includes Gaskets)

Rolair K17 Pump Valve Kit - Includes 4 valves, head gasket, valve plate gasket & cylinder gasket. This short video shows how to install a va

... [+]
$83.74K17Valvekit - Rolair K17 Valve Kit (includes Gaskets)-

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