BRA8180V #01B53F

BRA8180V #01B53F

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Model Numbers: BRA8180V

Repair Parts for the Snap-On BRA8180V Stationary Two-Stage Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts


At this time, we only have PUMP parts available for this unit, no tank parts or accessory parts are available at this time.


Extra Details

NOTE! This unit does not use a standard Aftercooler on the pump, it's shorter than standard! Call 757-547-8665 to speak with a sales associate if you have any questions.

Technical Documents

Torque Specs. In/Lbs-

Head Bolts-347

Cylinder Bolts-330

Bearing Carrier Bolts-130

Connecting Rod Bolts-121.5

Flywheel Nut (left Hand Thread)-477