Breaker Pumps

Breaker Pumps

Get three types of Breaker Pumps (ABCB pumps) at Master Tool Repair. Depending upon the horsepower you need, we have the:

Air Blast Circuit Breakers (ABCBs) are a type of circuit breaker used in high-voltage power systems. These circuit breakers utilize compressed air to extinguish the electric arc that forms when the circuit is interrupted. The air blast is created by special pumps, known as ABCB pumps or Breaker Pumps. Here are the main reasons why ABCB pumps are needed in air blast circuit breakers:

1. Arc Extinguishing: When a circuit breaker interrupts a high-current circuit, an electric arc is generated due to the flow of current across the contacts. The arc needs to be extinguished quickly and efficiently to prevent damage to the circuit and equipment. ABCB pumps provide a high-velocity blast of compressed air that helps in quenching and cooling the arc, thereby facilitating its rapid extinction.

2. Dielectric Strength Recovery: After the arc is extinguished, it is crucial to restore the dielectric strength of the insulating medium surrounding the contacts. The compressed air delivered by the ABCB pump aids in rapidly clearing the ionized gases and by-products of the arc, allowing the insulation properties of the medium to recover. This ensures that the circuit breaker can withstand the voltage levels during subsequent operations.

3. Interruption Capability: ABCBs are known for their high-interrupting capacity, enabling them to interrupt fault currents and protect the power system. The Breaker Pump's air blast provides the necessary force to rapidly separate the contacts and create a gap, interrupting the current flow. The compressed air helps in enhancing the speed and effectiveness of the arc interruption process.

4. Contamination Removal: Over time, contaminants such as dust, moisture, and metallic particles may accumulate on the circuit breaker contacts, hindering their performance. Breaker Pumps can blow away these contaminants, keeping the contacts clean and ensuring reliable operation of the circuit breaker.

5. Maintenance and Testing: Breaker Pumps are also used during maintenance and testing procedures for air blast circuit breakers. They can be used to simulate the arc quenching process during testing, allowing the performance and condition of the circuit breaker to be evaluated without the need for an actual fault event.