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Price: $1,523.80

Found under the following brands:

Jenny, Emglo

  • CFM: 9.1 CFM - 17.8 CFM @ 125 PSI

NOTE: There is currently a lead time of approximately 18 weeks before this pump can ship, once ordered.

Order G Pump instead. Same pump, just smaller flywheel. Must change motor pulley and belt due to G Pump having a 10.375" flywheel. Email us your current motor HP, rpm's and shaft diameter in order for us to calculate the proper sized pulley. Has 2-groove Flywheel.

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This item fits the following models

CFM output is dependent upon the horsepower of the motor:

  • 2 HP = 9.1 CFM @ 125 PSI (Delivered CFM)
  • 3 HP = 14 CFM @ 125 PSI (Delivered)
  • 5 HP = 17.8 CFM @ 125 PSI (Delivered)

Extra Details:

New flywheel size is 10.375" in diameter. If you have the larger 13.25" flywheel, determine the new pulley size for the motor by measuring the outside diameter (OD) of the existing pulley and multiply this number x .75 to come up with the correct new size.

3.1875" pulley (this can be rounded to the nearest pulley size, 3.25" or 3", for instance).

To find out which size Belt you will need, simply go to this page and enter the below dimensions:

Belt Length Calculator