Head & Valve Plate Assembly #01B36F

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Old Part Numbers: TF059700AJ, TF061700AJ

Broken valve causing slow pressurization or no compression at all? Replace this head and valve plate assembly to restore compression. Includes everything needed to replace the valve plate, including self-forming screws and pre-formed o-ring gaskets.

Order this kit if you need to replace the valve plate and if you have the older "paper-style" gaskets.

Extra Details

The TF066300AJ is the new style valve plate with grooves for the formed o-rings, not paper gaskets. The head-to-cylinder new style o-ring is part TF066800AV and the o-ring used between the valve plate and cylinder is part TF067000AV.

If your pump has paper gaskets and you need just the gaskets, they are still available -- TF060301AV paper head gasket and TF061301AV paper cylinder to valve plate gasket. However, the original valve plate (with paper gaskets) TF059700AJ is not available so you must order this conversion kit to convert it to the new style valve plate with grooves and formed o-rings.

Technical Documents

Torque Specifications:

  • Head-to-Valve Plate: 100/in lbs.
  • Head-to-Cylinder: 42/ft lbs.
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