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New Pump with flywheel 202.30 $199.00

Campbell Hausfeld Stationary Parts

Product Details
VT4923 - New Pump with flywheel

Found under the following brands: Campbell Hausfeld, Maxus, Westward, Popular Brands, Craftsman, Kobalt, Speedaire, Ridgid

Has a 55mm stroke. For Gas-powered and 240V Electric units only! PLEASE NOTE! This is the replacement pump for VT470000KB/AV. This pump replaces any version of the "VT4700" 3.7HP series pumps. Note: New style pump has only one air line coming off the pump head. If your original pump had two outlets, order our CTD1238ADAPTKIT which will allow you to re-route the smaller bleeder line.

The flywheel is the compressor pump’s pulley, which the belt attaches to and drives the crankshaft. Be sure the flywheel and motor/engine pulley is aligned, as a misaligned pulley and flywheel can damage the pump and motor/engine. Replace if cooling fins are missing. Most flywheels have a specific rotation (usually C.C.W. when looking directly at the flywheel) so be sure the flywheel is installed correctly when replacing it to efficiently cool the pump.

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This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Pump Parts - VT470000AV, VT470200, VT203003, VT4923
Air Compressor Parts - VT627504, VT619504, VT558804, VT633500, EX840500
Air Compressor Parts - VT627505, VT631403, VT631404AJ, VT635900, VT6359
Air Compressor Parts - VT619503AJ, VT627503AJ
Air Compressor Pump Parts - 4B244, 4B245
Air Compressor Parts - VT558705, VT558801, VT559501
Air Compressor Pump Parts - 2Z499A, 2Z499B, 2Z630B
Air Compressor Parts - 106.153781
Air Compressor Pump Parts - VT490000AV
Air Compressor Parts - VT6362
Stationary Air Compressor Repair Parts - VT636200, VT636200AJ
Stationary Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - VT6310
Portable Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - 5F212
Portable Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - 106.153540
Portable Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - 106.153783
Portable Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - 106.153780
Stationary Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - 4B236B
Portable Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - 106.173781
Portable Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - 106.154781
Portable Oil-Bath Gas Air Compressor Parts - EX800302
Stationary Oil Bath Air Compressor Parts - VT627502, VT627502AJ
Air Compressor Parts - VT558708
Air Compressor Pump Parts - VT470401
Stationary Air Compressor Parts - VT631402, VT631402AJ
Stationary Single-Stage Oil-Bath Electric Air Compressor Parts - VT619500, VT620900
Air Compressor Parts - VT6395
Portable Oil-Lubricated Electric Air Compressor Parts - VT627103, VT627103AJ

Product Specifications

  • 10.2 SCFM at 90 PSI
  • 2 3/4" Bore with 2" Stroke
  • 3-5.5 HP can be used
  • 8.5 oz oil capacity
  • Uses 4L style V belt
  • Footprint bolt pattern: 6.56" F-B, 5.87" L-R
  • 900- 1,100 RPMs
  • Exhaust on the left side of the pump head (when looking opposite the flywheel)
Extra Details


If your old pump had a ribbed belt, you can simply reuse the old ribbed belt flywheel and put it on your new pump.


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