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Air Compressor Parts 4YN50A

Speedaire Electric Oil Bath Parts

Product Details
4YN50A - Air Compressor Parts
Brand: Speedaire
Model: 4YN50A

Air Compressor Parts

4YN50A - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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4YN50A - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Price Product Image Select Qty Status
(not shown)BELT 50" A48Used on models VT631504, VT559506, VT634500$19.70BT020401AV - BELT  50" A48-
(not shown)CHK VLV ASSY VS/VT-PROD SERVDIMENSIONS: 1/2" X 1/2" with 1/8" port$28.44CV221502SJ - CHK VLV ASSY VS/VT-PROD SERV-
(not shown)Pressure Gauge, Back-MountOEM Gauge , but can use part# PG0125200BK as a suitable replacement. It has a thinner body, but same PSI and thread size....... [+]$11.51GR001900AJ - Pressure Gauge, Back-Mount-
(not shown)Pressure Switch 100/135 PSIFor models with line cord and plugs. 100 PSI cut-on, 135 PSI cut-off, w/ 90 degree unloader valve, 4-port manifold, on/off switch.
Click here for more info
$49.43CW209000AV - Pressure Switch 100/135 PSI-
(not shown)Strain Relief Screw$1.34ST209800AV - Strain Relief Screw-
(notshown)CapCap for Oil Drain Extension$5.77ST150100AV - Cap-
0001TankReplace if leaking or damage to prevent rupture.$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
0002THUMB SCREW DRAIN COCKKeep your tank from rusting. Replace this if leaking or will not work. 1/4" Thread & 9/16" Hex$6.10
0003WHEEL 10 X 2.75Order hubcap also if needed. (10")$28.54WA005400AV - WHEEL 10 X 2.75-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
0004Axle Bolt Hex HeadNote: Also used on models VT627000, VT629100, VT618202, and VT622001$4.22ST033400AV - Axle Bolt Hex Head-
0005Axle Bolt$13.69ST084700AV - Axle Bolt-
0006HANDLE VERTICALModels VT631501, VT559506 & VT634500$0.00HL004000AV - HANDLE VERTICAL(X)NLA
No Info
0007RegulatorAdjustable air pressure knob assembly. (Gauge sold separately).

This part is available in the following kits:

  • Regulator Assembly
  • $36.02RE206203AV - Regulator-
    000914-18 NPT STEEL NIPPLE

    This part is available in the following kits:

  • Regulator Assembly
  • $4.13HF002401AV - 14-18 NPT STEEL NIPPLE-
    0010150 PSI ASME SAFETY VALVE$14.53V-215105AV - 150 PSI ASME SAFETY VALVE-
    0015Unloader Valve$25.31CW210001AV - Unloader Valve-
    0016BUSHING 14-18 X 18-27$7.53ST071407AV - BUSHING 14-18 X 18-27-
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image$0.00VS020800AP -
    No Info
    0019Compression Nut$3.49
    ST033001AV - Compression Nut-
    0020MOLDED FERRULE, 1/2"Replaced by ST085200AV.$3.05ST085200AV - MOLDED FERRULE, 1/2"-
    0022QUICK CONNECT Replaced by ST081301AV$11.60ST081301AV - QUICK CONNECT   Replaced by ST081301AV-
    0023Unloader Tube (Teflon)$19.52ST117802AV - Unloader Tube (Teflon)-
    0024PLASCREW-BLACK 5/8" LONGNote: Also used on models WL650103, WL651900, WL650703, WL651004, WL651000AJ.$1.52ST058502AV - PLASCREW-BLACK 5/8" LONG-
    0025TAPPING SCREW10-24 X 58 Replaced by ST073277AVUsed on model VT634500$1.34ST073277AV - TAPPING SCREW10-24 X 58   Replaced by ST073277AV-
    0027Motor/ps Cord$14.33EC012800AV - Motor/ps Cord-
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
    0028Round Isolator Pad$6.60
    ST158300AV - Round Isolator Pad-
    0029Beltguard Front$27.79(X)-
    0030Belt Guard Back$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    0032FlywheelNote:Comes with 2 set screws and key. Also for models VT203003, VT273100.Fits 3/4" Shaft pumps (all twin-cylinder "VT" series pumps), 10" Diameter$71.58PU015901SJ - Flywheel-
    0033SET SCR 38-16 X 34For flywheel.$1.78ST026200AV - SET SCR 38-16 X 34-
    0034316 X 1 SHAFT KEYFor flywheel.$1.84KE000900AV - 316 X 1 SHAFT KEY-
    0035Pulley2.56" OD, used on 120/240 volt models.$18.69PU015200AV - Pulley-
    0036SET SCR 14-20 X 12These screws are currently out of stock at the manufacturer and can not be purchased.$0.00ST070563AV - SET SCR 14-20 X 12(X)NLA
    No Info
    0037KEY .1875 SQX1.44 LONG$2.85KE000903AV - KEY .1875 SQX1.44 LONG(X)-
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
    0038MOTOR RGB 120240 V120/240 Volts, 56 Frame. 3450 RPM Note: order this item for all models, except model VT618902.
    Click here for more info
    $192.06MC019800IP - MOTOR RGB 120240 V-
    00395/16 " - 18 Lock Nut$2.60ST146001AV - 5/16 " - 18 Lock Nut-
    0040SCREW HHD - 516-18 X 34$0.00ST016000AV - SCREW  HHD - 516-18 X 34(X)NLA
    No Info
    0041Compression Fitting AssemblyCompression Connector, 1/2" Comp X 3/8" MPT.$12.07ST018300AV - Compression Fitting Assembly-
    0042Pump (VT4712)Complete pump assembly as listed above. Click Here to find a replacement pump...... [+]$0.00(X)NLA
    No Info
    0045Nipple$7.13ST083800AV - Nipple-
    0046Tapping Screw$0.00ST073275AV - Tapping Screw(X)NLA
    No Info
    0048NippleST070324AV - Nipple(X)NLA
    No Info
    Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
    0049FLANGE NUT 38-16Also used on models VT627000, VT629100, VT618202 and VT622001$1.44ST033500AV - FLANGE NUT 38-16-

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