5590856, CTA5590856, CTA5590856.01 #01AFBC

5590856, CTA5590856, CTA5590856.01 #01AFBC

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Model Numbers: 5590856, CTA5590856, CTA5590856.01

Repair Parts for the Coleman Sanborn models 5590856, CTA5590856, CTA5590856.01 Single-Stage Oil-Bath Gas Air Compressors


Pump Torque specs:

Extra Details

Wheelbarrow style gas powered compressor, puts out 10.7 cfm @ 40psi and 6.3 cfm @ 90 psi

S/N starts with 'A-L' (2004-Oct 2013) will use Unloader Check Valve part# 070-0061.
S/N starts with 'M' to current (Nov 2013-PRESENT) will use Unloader Check Valve part# 070-0063.


We have Coleman Powermate 5590856, CTA5590856, CTA5590856.01 parts here. Whether you need a pilot valve or a new pump, we have your parts. Coleman Powermate 5590856, CTA5590856, CTA5590856.01 parts are easy to come by at Master Tool Repair. We have helpful sales team members that can assist you with your repair. We have accessories as well as compressor oil to keep your pump running like a top. We keep the most popular Coleman Powermate 5590856, CTA5590856, CTA5590856.01 parts in stock and we can order most other parts in a matter of a few days. To make ordering easier, we have created the ability for you to order parts by simply enlarging the schematic and then using your mouse to hover over the actual part. You will see the part pop up and are able to order by simply choosing the quantity of parts that you need and adding them to your cart. Make sure to keep spare parts on hand so that your down time will be minimal. Replace your Air Filter and Oil every 3 to 4 months if used frequently. Use straight 30W compressor oil (20W below 34 deg). Drain your tank regularly to prevent rust, especially in humid climates.