PLA4708065 #01AEF0

PLA4708065 #01AEF0

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Model Numbers: PLA4708065

Repair Parts for the Coleman Powermate model PLA4708065 Stationary Single-Stage Air Compressor

Identify which type of pump by these descriptions below. If not you could receive the wrong parts!
Please identify the pump as an UNOAIR or DAYLEAP type pump when ordering! See 'Extra Details' for photos.
  • UNOAIR model - PLASTIC Air Filter Canister, bright PLASTIC Oil Fill Cap and the solid clear PLASTIC Oil Sight Glass.
  • DAYLEAP model - METAL Air Filter Canister, METAL Oil Fill Plug and a BRASS Oil Sight Glass.


Pump specs:

  • Pump produces 14 cfm @ 90 psi
  • Max pressure 155 psi
  • Single stage, cast iron 3 cylinder

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