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Check Valve 031-0037 - 031-0071 $19.00

Coleman Sanborn Oil-Free Direct-Drive Electric Air Compressor Parts

Product Details
031-0037 - Check Valve

Found under the following brands: A1 Coupling & Hose, Popular Brands, ProForce, Coleman Powermate Sanborn, Craftsman, Industrial Air, Kobalt, Morgan, Porter Cable, Task Force
Part Number: 031-0037 (031-0071)


If your unit has a hard time restarting when trying to cycle, order this. If your pressure switch is leaking out of the small bleeder valve on the side or if located underneath, order this valve. Note: replacement valve may look different from original part.

Does your air compressor fill up the tank and when it tries to restart, it stalls and then “kicks” the electrical breaker? Does your on/off pressure switch leak from the small unloader valve (on the side or bottom of the switch) after it cuts off, and then continues to cycle on/off? The check valve is one of the most common parts that fails on a compressor and replacing it should rectify these problems. It is a one-way valve that lets air in (but not out), of the tank. Usually there is a diaphragm or a ball and spring inside the valve, and it’s easy for debris and rust to form build-up which will cause the valve to stick open. A new check valve can solve multiple problems at once.

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