Part of the Week: VT4923 Air Compressor Pump - Get Your Pump On!

Part of the Week: VT4923 Air Compressor Pump - Get Your Pump On!

Welcome back to our Part of the Week series! This week, we're excited to feature a true powerhouse in the world of compressed air: the VT4923 air compressor pump. Get ready to elevate your projects and productivity with this exceptional pump that's perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Uses and Functions:

The VT4923 air compressor pump is your go-to solution for a wide range of pneumatic tasks. From tire inflation to operating nail guns, paint sprayers, and more, this pump delivers consistent airflow for efficient performance. Its durable construction ensures reliability in even the toughest work environments, making it a versatile pump for any job where you need reliable pneumatic power. With a compact design and 10” v-belt flywheel, the VT4923 makes an excellent replacement pump for many OEM pumps. Whether you’re supplying air to a small automotive garage or operating finish and framing nailers on the jobsite, the VT4923 pump is a superb option for reliable air power when and where you need it.


Built to withstand heavy use, this reliable, efficient pump has a battle-tested, splash-lubricated design with fully cast-iron construction. Featuring an oil sight glass for quick inspection of the oil level, stainless-steel reed valves and high-temp Viton o-ring seals, replaceable air filter element, automotive-style pistons and two-piece connecting rods for easy maintenance, and oversized ball bearings for smooth running. Rated for a 5,000+ hour operation lifetime, the VT4923 is a benchmark for longevity, quiet operation, and reliability in the hobbyist's garage workshop or on the contractor’s job site.


Customize your compressor setup with a range of accessories designed to enhance the performance of your VT4923 pump. From air hoses and fittings to pressure gauges and regulators, we've got everything you need to maximize your productivity. Visit to explore our full selection of VT4923 air compressor pump accessories. Here are a few we’d like to highlight:

1. In-Line Lubricator, 3/8"

2. Swivel Manifold with Three 1/4" Universal Couplers, 1/4" NPT Inlets

3. 50-Ft HYBRIDER FLEX 1/4" Hybrid Air Hose with Quick Connect Fittings

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your compressed air needs. Get your pump on with the VT4923 air compressor pump from Master Tool Repair. Stay tuned for next week's Part of the Week spotlight!

May 8, 2024 Master Tool Repair

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