Kellogg 352 Replacement Pump

Air Compressor Pumps Two Stage 175 PSI

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Price: $3,242.87

Found under the following brands:

Unoair, Square D, Watts, WEG, Champion, ACS, Hosetract, Hubbell-Furnas, Kellogg

  • CFM: 34 CFM @ 175 PSI

352 Pump (with head unloader option). Can be used for both gas/electric constant run or electric start/stop.

This item fits the following models

  • 520-657 RPM's
  • Steel Rods with Automotive Type Inserts and Needle Bearings at Wrist Pins
  • Positive Ring Fed Lubrication
  • Centrifugal Unloading
  • Head Unloading
  • Complete with flywheel and air filter assembly
  • Flywheel 25-1/4"
  • 480 lbs.
  • Bolt down measurements Left to Right 14-1/2" Front to Back 10"
  • Belt 4B

Extra Details:

Warranty Terms:

  1. Ship the pump in to the manufacturer. It will be disassembled and repaired. Customer will be responsible for ALL shipping costs and labor involved with the repair.
  2. Customer can choose to break the pump down, diagnose the problem and repair it. Customer pays for shipping of the required repair parts.
  3. Customer can purchase another pump and send the damaged pump back for repair. Once it’s repaired, the manufacturer will ship it back to the customer. The customer is responsible for ALL shipping costs.