040-0348 Unoair #01A4CE

040-0348 Unoair #01A4CE

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Model Numbers: 040-0348 Unoair

If you were "lucky" enough to buy a unit with this pump, it may be easier to simply replace the pump, but we have listed parts below which are available. There were 3 different types of this pump used.

IMPORTANT! Identify which type of pump by these descriptions below. If not you could receive the wrong parts! See SPECS tab above and READ FIRST.


Please identify the pump as an UNOAIR or DAYLEAP type pump when ordering!
UNOAIR model - PLASTIC Air Filter Canister, bright PLASTIC Oil Fill Cap and the solid clear PLASTIC Oil Sight Glass.
DAYLEAP model - METAL Air Filter Canister, METAL Oil Fill Plug and a BRASS Oil Sight Glass.
Please consult your owner's manual to verify part numbers or call our sales department for assistance.



Click Here for pump parts (DAYLEAP)


  • Pump produces 14 cfm @ 90 psi
  • Max pressure 155 psi
  • Single stage, cast iron 3 cylinder.

The 165-0265 overhaul kit should be used for only the most current pumps.  See the last section below.
UNO AIR – 2010 – 2011

The first pumps used in production of the 14 cfm units were referred to as Dayleap pumps, this pump was used from the start of these models in 2007 through end of 2010. Due to supplier issues the manufacturer also used pumps referred to as Uno Air (started in Feb, 2010). These pumps have a plastic filter housing, it also has a separate pump parts list (205-0077) for internal components as many parts are different. Rrom early 2010 through 4/2011 both the Dayleap & Uno Air pumps were used in production. In 4/11 the manufacturer started using the HONBASE pump (current vendor). The manufacturer was no longer able to purchase the replacement service parts through the vendor for the DAYLEAP pump therefore ordered these through the vendor for the Honbase pump. Unfortunately the manufacturer found several internal parts that were not the same. With that said, if you have a unit with METAL filter canisters with a serial # starting with F,G, H, J or early K, you should have the DAYLEAP pump (if it has never been replaced), the service parts, 043-0194, 047-0094, 047-0095 048-0117, 050-0062 & 165-0265 that the manufacturer has in stock for the items listed below will not fit these units.

The manufacturer has found the following differences between the DAYLEAP and HONBASE pumps

The compression fitting that attaches the transfer tube to the pump – no part number exists for this fitting.

The valve plate assy – If you need  valve plate 043-0194, you  must also order a new cylinder (050-0062) if you order a new cylinder, you must also order the valve plate (043-0194) to go with it.

The wrist pin is larger in the HONBASE pump, the wrist pin is only sold with the piston assy, 048-0117 (if a piston assy is ordered, the con rods, 047-0094 & 047-0095 must also be replaced and vice-versa). May be more cost effective to order a replacement pump.

The overhaul kit 165-0265  will not work with the Dayleap pump, it will only work with the new Honbase pumps dated below. If you have the older Dayleap pump, order a new pump.

UNO AIR – 2010 – 2011


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